Having been spiritually guided by the Universal Intelligence since childhood, I believe that my purpose in this lifetime is to help awaken souls, heal, transform, unite, and align.

Growing up as a young girl, I had been passionately interested in neuroscience, transformation, spirituality, and psychology.

Science, specifically Quantum Physics, states that everything in our universe is composed of energy. Also, energy flows and creates where the focus goes.  Our focus typically begins in our minds; and our minds are very powerful. It is in our minds that we create our reality.  Our minds take our words, thoughts, feelings, and creates our reality.  Our minds and the universe are in constant communication.  We speak to our environment with our words, thoughts, and feelings; our environment/universe, then speaks to us with events! The universe does not judge your thoughts, feelings, and words; it simply matches the vibrations exerted by you and create a matching experience. Hence, environment is a response to our state of mind as well as heart.

My philosophy and what scientific studies have also proven that : all of our knowledge, experiences, behaviors, attitudes we have acquired throughout our lives are stored in our brain’s synaptic connections in the intricate folds of our gray matter.  Research and studies have shown that we can influence our brain to change and create appropriate experiences through the use of holistic practices such as:  meditation, sound therapy, art therapy, and energetic self-healing techniques.

Through energy healing I attempt to remove the blockages as well as pain in every area, whether it be emotional, mental, physical, or financial! I’ve also developed my own unique methods and style, some of which I teach in my workshops, others which have to be experienced personally to be believed. I utilize guided imagery, breathwork , sound therapy, art therapy, and meditation in a very unique way to help my clients relax, with the intention of enhancing their natural ability to make exceptional progress throughout the process.

My background as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist with molecular-cell biology, physics, and energetic healing enhances as well as grounds my work as a healer and transformational healer. I am a qualified registered Nuclear Medicine Technologist and working in a wide variety of areas of advanced modern diagnostic imaging for ten years now. My responsibilities include working closely with patients who have heart, brain, bone, liver, kidney, thyroid disease, abdominal, and especially with cancer patients.

Using simple neuroscience integrated with psychology, combined with energetic healing techniques such as Pranic Healing, I am able to instruct as well as coach individuals ways of unblocking all obstacles preventing one’s potential and path to self-realization, awakening, success, love, connection, and ultimate fulfillment. Pranic healing is an extremely powerful no-touch system of energetic healing medicine.  It is based on the fundamental principles that the body is a self-repairing living entity that possesses the ability to heal itself.

Therefore, my healing techniques are founded on the principles that:  (1) Body is a powerful self-healing living entity that has the ability to repair itself using readily available life-energy such as the sun, air, and earth. (2) Every individual can successfully heal all areas of life by re-wiring the brain with simple changes made in our psychology.

Creating and sustaining functional healthy habits of exercising our mind and body will guarantee ultimate positive outcomes/results in all areas of our lives.

I invite you to come embark on this journey by allowing me help you heal and experience life with ultimate fulfillment!

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