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This gift box makes the perfect entrance and a treat for Ladies and Gents! All 7 treasures in this box have been personally and Divinely cleansed, charged, pre-programmed, and blessed by me! The vibrations are also raised and the products are all consciously sourced! I’ve made sure your box incorporates all 4 Elements of the Universe to ensure productivity: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. It is filled with treasures, wisdom, and tools from few of my previous boxes, making every soul go Oh La La! No need to giftwrap, as this box is already over-dressed to impress!

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ONE-TIME-PURCHASE Blessed gift box.
Non-subscription gift box.
Unisex gift box.

Your captivating gift box includes:

  1. High vibration Crystal or Stone
  2. Precious Stone Bracelet
  3. Certified Organic Ceremonial and Ritual Herbal Tea
  4. Travel size Ceramic Tea Cup
  5. Delightful Natural Incense stick or Tea Light Candle
  6. Organic Essential Oil-Infused Travel size Bath Bomb
  7. Letter Set: “Words to My Higher Self
  8. Self-Care Package: filled with wisdom, inspiration, and instructions, more!
  9. … and may, just maybe a little surprise may sneak its way into your box!

Gentle Note: Please, remember that the size and the type of products vary due to the nature of the products in the box.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 5.5 in

20 reviews for Limited Time Gift Box

  1. Jeff W.

    I gave this box as a gift to my niece who is going through rehab. She loves this Box!

  2. Sarah Y.

    This box is packed! I mean packed with all kinds of goodies on top of stuff it comes with!

  3. Eva A.

    The beads made my feet all tingly! The energy is strong and released so much of my tension immediately!

  4. Patooni A.

    Been using the salt scrub like every day cuz I have no time for other stuff on my trips. I sleep like a baby and wake up with enough energy to last ALL night and day!

  5. Margie O.

    I’m OCD and this box is sooo freaken organized! It smells so nice and it has directions for everything!!!

  6. Mariana V.

    The box is so pretty and smells like Spa!

  7. Sophia S.

    The freebies in my box are ligit! Want to know how I can order bigger size creams and candles.

  8. Maryam G.

    The candle with lavender is very light smelling and not overwhelming. I used it with her crystal. Let’s just say I had an intense meditation… in a cool kinda way.

  9. Ricky A.

    There is a lot of reading including with the box. I was not prepared for that, but the product are amazing… what an amazing gift for my wife.

  10. Lorant F.

    The crystals are definitely charged! Don’t charge the crystals any more when you get the box. They’re ready to go.

  11. Sonya K.

    I gave this box for my boss because she needs to learn to chill!

  12. Marina S

    I got this as a gift from my boyfriend for both of us to use for our Anniversary. I’m like, hell no! He can get his own! I’ve already used the stuff in this box and I’ve gotten so many answers!

  13. Dorothy J.

    I got this ‘woo woo’ box from my Reiki fanatic friend. Holy cow, the stuff starts giving you the tingles and Dr. Strange kind of visions! I am signing up for the subscription!

  14. Barbara H

    I loved it… Definitely is exactly what it reads… I got more butterflies then expected.

  15. Lori W

    The guide and the wisdom is very helpful! I liked how I can choose which way I wanna use my crystals and teas.

  16. Shana T.

    The manifestation program is pretty cool stuff. I’ve been using the steps the past few days, and im already feeling and seeing the difference!

  17. Heather B.

    I got this for all my employees at this vacation club. I love love love this abundance box. The crystals are so beautiful and love the guardian oil! I do a ritual twice a day now with my employees, I can feel the positive changes in my life! This is a must buy and they will make great Christmas gifts!

  18. Hamed J.

    I know nothing about this stuff. My gf got this stuff for us for therapy. I used the bracelet and oiled it just like it says. I want to thank you Sediqa, you saved my ass with my gf. I’m not much of a talker, but I was getting my words out right and we worked out our shit without yelling and fighting! Im definitely signing up!

  19. Matthew K.

    The best therapy and spiritual experience I’ve ever had BY MYSELF! I ordered it to use on my solo trip to Big Bear and this box really did most of the job on its own! It’s dummie proof!

  20. Hana A.

    At first I was like, who the fudge is going to read all this stuff and do this stuff! After taking my blessing vows, I was somehow pumped! My mom is going to do this stuff over a weekend. I did only the second step over 4 days, and I’m getting shit load of results! My mom wants all the subscription mailed to her now! My advice to y’all is, take your time and it’s worth it! I already have three dates set up and got this customer to pay me six months in advance! So hell yeah I’m gonna sign up for her stuff!

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