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And here it is! Luxury at its finest! You will be getting insider secrets in this Divine Treasure BOX! It contains at least THIRTEEN genuine, pure, organic, and high quality treasures, not to mention the unconditional amount of love and positive energy infused in it! This box is designed to place you on a speed boat to alignment, balance, awakening, focus, uncovering your purest purpose, manifest, most importantly connect you to the core of your highest Self! I often think of this box as your full-time Master Therapist for all your needs on this sacred journey to Self-Care! This captivating box is uniting all THREE most powerful universal healing as well as manifesting practices in the world today!…such as (Ladies and Gents, I present to you…roll the drums please!): Quantum Mechanics, Energetic Healing, and Mindfulness! This box is overflowing with supercharged positive vibes, nourishing all your emotional, mental, physical being! From crystal healing to aromatherapy, skin care, detox therapeutic bath, ceremonial herbs, mindful journaling, and highest quality mala, this box is filled with priceless wisdom, lessons, and activities!

Subscription Blessed gift box.
Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly options are available.


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Your captivating gift box includes:

  1. 2 X High vibration Crystal or Stone
  2. 1X Precious Stone Mala
  3. 1X Mindful Journal
  4. 2 X Certified Organic Ceremonial and Ritual Herbal Tea
  5. 1X Tea Cup or Drinking Bottle
  6. 1X 3.5+oz Aromatherapy Candle
  7. 1X Delightful Natural Incense stick + Feather (Natural or Gold-dipped)
  8. 1X Palo Santo Stick or Sage Smudging Stick
  9. 2X Detox Bath Salt
  10. 1X Organic, Plant-Based, and Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Travel Size
  11. 1X Organic, Plant-Based, and Pure Hand Lotion Travel Size
  12. 1X Letter Set: “Words to My Higher Self
  13. 1X Self-Care Package: filled with wisdom, inspiration, and instructions, and more!
  14. … and may, just maybe a little surprise may sneak its way into your box!

Gentle Note: Please, remember that the size and the type of items vary due to the nature of the products in the box.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5.5 in
Payment Frequency

Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly

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  1. Carina Y

    I’m a light worker myself. I got this as a gift subscription at a retreat. Whatever she does for blessing process, I want to know. I want to use her technique myself because the box is definitely doing its job right!

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