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Mastering Inner Peace

A Mindful Journal and Approach for Managing Anxiety


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Say hello to a whole new REVITALIZED and REJUVENATED perspective of life! Our Ultimate Mastering Inner Peace notebook is not your ordinary journal; it's a multi-faceted tool for self-improvement, stress relief, anxiety management, and life optimization. This unique journal blends therapeutic workbook techniques with mindful journaling, based on methods that are scientifically backed to manage anxiety rapidly, efficiently, and with ease.

Think of it as your personal guide, escorting you on a journey to achieve clarity, peace, and progress in every sphere of your life. Bursting with essential tools, activities, and resources, this journal is your one-stop solution to personal development and self-improvement. It introduces mindfulness techniques and natural approaches to managing stress and anxiety swiftly and smoothly.

What’s more? You get to design your own personal journey! Tailored to align with your unique healing language, this journal allows you to customize your path to self-improvement, self-healing, and self-development. The journal helps you reset your mindset, promote positive thinking, build resilience, and rejuvenate excitement and joy in your life experiences! As you explore its depth, you will acquire knowledge and techniques to establish a holistic balance across all life domains, turning your therapeutic process from a burden into a delightful experience.

  1. Offers diverse tools, activities, and resources
  2. Introduces mindfulness techniques and natural approaches
  3. Provides structure and space for changes
  4. Empowers personalized journey for self-improvement, self-healing, and self-development
  5. Re-adjusts and realigns mindset for positive thinking
  6. Helps in rapidly building resilience
  7. Ensures holistic balance across all domains of life
  8. Creates a delightful therapeutic process


Equipped with: Diverse Tools, Resources, and Modalities


Brings Balance in all domains of life effortlessly

Builds LASTING RESILLIENCE WHILE ACCELERATING your Personal growth and development path.

  • 15 SELF-AWARENESS & Anxiety
  • 16 Optional Read #1
    The many ways self-awareness helps heal…
  • 19 Optional Read #2
    Fostering Self-Awareness: A Comprehensive Guide
  • 21 SELF-ASSESSMENT Activities
    • Self-Assessment Activity #1
      What are my healthy and positive traits?
    • Self-Assessment Activity #2
      Where can I improve?
    • Self-Assessment Activity #3
      Getting clear on my “WHY’s”
  • 35 YOUR JOURNAL ENTRY: Setting the Tone
    Setting Today’s Peaceful Tone…intentionally
  • 41 MINDFUL Habit Log
  • 46 YOUR JOURNAL ENTRY: Setting the Tone
    Setting Today’s Peaceful Tone…intentionally
  • 69 EMOTIONS & Anxiety
  • 71 Optional Read #3
    The Interplay Between Mental Health and Physical
    Well-being: Exploring the Impact on Organs and Systems
  • 73 Optional Read #4
    Harnessing the Power of Words and Thoughts:
    Enhancing the Healing Process with Mind-Body Practices
  • 75 YOUR JOURNAL ENTRY: Setting the Tone
    Setting Today’s Peaceful Tone…intentionally
  • 79 What’s slowing down my process?
    Becoming Aware of My Obstacles
    • PART ONE: Challenges
    • PART TWO: Opportunities
    • PART THREE: Revisit, Integrate, and Apply!
    Bringing Peace & Harmony Within
  • 105 BREATHING & Your Health
    • Breathing Exercise 1: Morning Vitality
    • Breathing Exercise 2: Just Chill It!
    • Breathing Exercise 3: Balance with the Rhythm of Life!
    • Breathing Exercise 4: Uniformed Breathing
    • Breathing Exercise 5 : Balanced Belly
    • Breathing Exercise 6: Alternate Nostril
    • Breathing Exercise 7 : Conscious Relief & Release
  • 126 Sitting with PAIN
    Daily Practice of Feeling Good!
  • 129 What are my positive emotions for today?
  • 140 THOUGHTS & Anxiety
    Building a Healthy & Positive Mindset
  • 144 YOUR JOURNAL ENTRY: Setting the Tone
    Setting Today’s Peaceful Tone…intentionally
  • 155 YOUR JOURNAL ENTRY: Why I Forgive
  • 166 Dedicated space for the next 21 Days of:
    My Daily Forgiveness Affirmation
  • 175 JOURNAL ENTRY: Overcoming Fear
  • 183 YOUR JOURNAL ENTRY: Grateful in Bliss
  • 191 YOUR JOURNAL ENTRY: Setting the Tone
    Setting Today’s Peaceful Tone…intentionally
  • 214 GIVING
  • 215 YOUR JOURNAL ENTRY: Mindfully Giving
  • 219 Guess whaaaaat???
  • 220 The Fabulous GIFT

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This is not your ordinary Journal.

For you are not ordinary.

For your path is not ordinary.

For your DNA is not ordinary.

For your GENETICS is not ordinary.

FOR YOU are Extraordinary!


Equipped with: Diverse Tools, Resources, and Modalities


Brings Balance in all domains of life effortlessly

Builds LASTING RESILLIENCE WHILE ACCELERATING your Personal growth and development path.

Inside the Journal

A sneak peak…

What Sets our Journals Apart

This journal is unlike any ordinary journal you’ve come across. It recognizes that each individual’s healing language is unique and exceptional. It seamlessly integrates therapeutic workbook techniques with mindful journaling, employing scientifically proven methods that enable rapid personal growth. Additionally, it serves as a comprehensive guide, helping you attain a state of bliss and balance while gaining clarity as well as progress in all domains of your life.

What sets this journal apart and makes it highly effective and productive are the following features:

1. Diverse Tools and Resources

Equip you with a wide array of essential tools, activities, and resources that simplify and accelerate your journey of self-improvement and personal development.

2. Mindful and Natural Modalities

Introduce you to simple and distinctive mindfulness techniques and natural approaches that effortlessly and swiftly aid in managing emotional, mental, social, and Spiritual challenges.

3. Structure and Space

It provides proven structure and space to make the changes you wish to create and see in all domains of your life. This way, bringing and maintaining lasting balance is effortless.

4. Customized Journey

Designed to align with your unique mind-heart-body healing language, this journal empowers you to curate your own personalized path of self-improvement, self- healing, and self-development. The activities and sessions are tailored to resonate with your authentic self, enabling you to become your best version from the depths of your purposeful existence.

5. Mindset Reset

It readjusts, resets, rewires, and realigns your mindset, promoting positive and healthy thinking, feeling, and communication.

6. Builds

Change is inevitable in our environment, and building a strong resilience to change will help build a solid foundation for continuous success and growth.

7. Holistic Balance

You will acquire knowledge and techniques to establish and maintain a lasting positive balance across all domains of life, including: professional, personal, social, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects.

8. And lastly, our favorite feature

You will embark on an evolving journey, filled with tranquility, excitement, joy, and a sense of lifelong rejuvenation. This way, your therapeutic process will be far from a burdensome and overwhelming task, but rather a delightful and invigorating experience!

18 reviews for Mastering Inner Peace

  1. Sediqa (store manager)

    I’m a gamer and don’t like to journal much because I don’t like writing. But, I know I need some form of therapy and got this at work at my lunch time as part of our work-place stress relief routine. I use my computer to journal instead of the journal itself. It’s helped me with stress with the breathing exercises and sound introduction.

    Matt K.

  2. Sediqa (store manager)

    It really gives you the steps and the clarity to get your life and self together. It has multiple prompts for writing, series of exercises, positive affirmations-emotions, combines neuro science, psychology, physics, sound, breathwork, journaling questions that make you really think to answer. It’s a fun and very detailed journal. Great for mental and emotional regulation.

    Amanda K.
    Acupuncturist & Chiropractor

  3. Sediqa (store manager)

    I get bored very easily with repetitions with many other journals. This journal doesn’t repeat or restrict you to one way of doing things. And actually it gives you variety of ways to do things and every day, I get to choose what I want to do and how I want my day to go!

    Bridget T.
    Creative Arts Student

  4. Sediqa (store manager)

    I found a gem in the realm of mental health workbooks and the chaos I’ve been since the pandemic. It’s not your typical or cliché journals. I use it for my recent therapy sessions cause I pay her the big bucks and I want to make it worth the sessions.

    Pam J.
    Physical Therapist

  5. Sediqa (store manager)

    I have known the lead author and healer of this book for a long time now. And this journal trully expresses her passion to give back without holding back. It’s written eloquently and beautifully as she is! I bought her sets of books for my entire law firm and real estate agent friends. Try her online meditations and they are just as intricate as her journals. Her book, Buddha Unfolded is an entirely new twist. If you’re ready to commit to some serious self-development and healing, this is it without the big price tag. This is it.

    Loren S.D.
    Divorce Attorney/Lawyer

  6. Sediqa (store manager)

    I bought it at a local coffee shop on a whim and didn’t realize how expensive this was until I saw the receipt. Regardless, got to use it right away and love that it’s much more effective at calming my mind than just your normal journaling. This is very similar and way deeper than most therapists and honestly, this gives you the steps, the structure, the clear mind and the actual steps to make progress. With my ADHD, got officially diagnosed with ADHD about a year now, and I’ve been taking a lot of time to more strategically bettering myself. This journal really guides me and I find it helpful with my online therapy too without guessing what to do next and get distracted.

    Adrianna P.
    Safety and Sanitation Investigator

  7. Sediqa (store manager)

    Finally, a guide that addresses the core of my anxieties and validates my state.
    With this book, I’ve found a balance I thought was unattainable.
    Every time I open it, I find a new lesson, a new insight. I now am able to communicate better.

    Tony M.
    Computer Hardware Engineer

  8. Sediqa (store manager)

    Intricately designed, meticulously detailed, and deeply transformative. Every exercise felt like 10 steps closer towards a better version of myself…and as it states: you’ve got to be vulnerable and willing to be honest with yourself. Otherwise, this journal is not for the “self-victimizers”.

    Mona G.
    Art and Music Therapist

  9. Sediqa (store manager)

    A meticulously detailed guide for anyone who feels overwhelmed by life’s demands. It really is a game-changer because it’s a one-stop shop for life…makes everything easy and clear.

    Farrah A.
    Reiki Instructor/Practitioner

  10. Sediqa (store manager)

    I’ve never felt so understood and empowered and able. It’s really an intimate journey to self-healing and growing. The most comprehensive and thoughtful approach to mental health. I’m getting one for my college kid.

    Murrielle W.
    Mom Entrepreneur

  11. Sediqa (store manager)

    Every chapter brings a new revelation, every exercise a step closer to peace. This isn’t just about managing anxiety; it’s about celebrating life. I spent three weeks in doing the self-awareness exercises.

    Meghan F.
    Fleet Manager

  12. Sediqa (store manager)

    Practical exercises meet deep introspection; a guide everyone should own because they are easy to do, work quickly, and really help.

    Jill H.
    Education Coordinator

  13. Sediqa (store manager)

    It’s definitely more than just a journal. It’s a journey to your inner self. Every page offers a new perspective, a new chance to grow. You will need an extra blank notebook to write things down because exercises will have you reconnect with yourself and find a whole new insight.

    Tonya R.
    Marriage and Family Counselor

  14. Sediqa (store manager)

    I used this book for my kid who had PTSD from serving military and years of just bad decisions after Iraq. He’s been using it the past few weeks or so with listening to the YouTube videos of her, too. It’s been nice to see him talk about having goals and getting out of the house… so, I’d say it’s working and he’s done more than he’s done in a while now with anything else.

    Roger H.
    Supply Chain Manager

  15. Sediqa (store manager)

    I recently purchased the newest edition of this from 6 years ago, which back then was part of a $3000 package deal… and I absolutely love this new version and love that I paid just fraction of a price for it. It is full of great tips and advice, and it really helps to break down my thoughts and help me reprogram my mind, while I’m applying fun new and easy exercises that have upped my own healing and relationship with my boss.

    Carolina B.
    Dental Hygienist

  16. Sediqa (store manager)

    Surprisingly, this book helped me organize my thoughts and view situations objectively so I didn’t spiral. It gave me some of tools to use when you feel overwhelmed and anxious so that you gain back control of the situation. It’s long but for good reason because it gives you a lot of choices that work for you and it made me realize I can’t really rush quality work in myself.

    Jennifer W.

  17. Sediqa (store manager)

    I got this journal in its older version years back at one of the retreats. Recently I got this one cause I’m still using the others for my nursing school students. It’s definitely deep…you’ve got to be ready for a “nurturing” journey that dives deep into self-healing, mindfulness and makes it super easy to apply because it gives you the tools, too!

    Samantha L.

  18. Sediqa (store manager)

    I love how thoughtful the author was when creating this journal. Its amazing. Thank you.

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