Quantum Healist is a multi-service and diverse center created to educate quantum-integrated energetic healing methods as well as facilitate quantum-integrated energetic healing sessions.


Quantum Healist as an Energetic Medicine Practitioner

Science, specifically Quantum Physics and Neuroscience, state that everything in our universe is composed of energy. Also, energy flows and creates experiences based on where one’s focus goes.  Our focus typically begins in our minds; and our minds are very powerful. It is in our minds that we create our reality. In other words, our reality is created according to our repeated habitual words, thoughts, feelings.  What we now know thanks to science, is that our minds and the universe are in constant communication.  We speak to our environment with our words, thoughts, and feelings; our environment/universe, then speaks to us with events! The universe does not judge your thoughts, feelings, and words; it simply matches the vibrations exerted by you and create a matching experience. Hence, the environment created is a response to our state of mind as well as heart. And our “physical” heart and brain are connected to the energies of the entire Universe and the Spirit (…or what some refer to as the Higher Self or as the Soul)…which is why most modern science and healthcare systems are now accepting and applying ancient holistic and energetic techniques in to their practices. Such practices include: Qi/Pranic Healing, Light Therapy, functional medicine, alternative medicine, meditation, sound therapy, breath-work, art therapy, quantum rewiring, acupressure, acupuncture, and energetic self-healing.

Through Energetic healing techniques and Quantum reprogramming, I attempt to remove the obstacles, blockages, disease, as well as pain in every area whether it be emotional, mental, physical, genetic, and/or addiction! The unblocking and healing process allows for all the systems in the body (and beyond) to align its entire energy and life centers together! This way, the body is programmed to automatically reset, rewire, and regenerate cells and DNA!  I utilize non-touch energy healing techniques (Pranic Healing), guided imagery, breath-work, sound therapy, light therapy, and guided meditation in a specific unique way with the intention of also enhancing the client’s natural ability to self-heal and make exceptional progress throughout the process. Pranic healing is an extremely powerful no-touch system of energetic healing medicine.  It is based on the fundamental principles that the body is a self-repairing living entity that possesses the ability to heal itself. What I absolutely love about Pranic Healing and why I often use it as a healing method is because it can be done as distant healing without compromising the healing quality.

My background as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist with molecular-cell biology, physics, and energetic healing skills enhances as well as grounds my work as a quantum healer and transformational leader. I am a qualified registered Nuclear Medicine Technologist and working in a wide variety of areas of advanced modern diagnostic imaging for at least 15 years now. My responsibilities in Nuclear Medicine include working closely with patients with heart, brain, bone, liver, kidney, thyroid, abdominal, and especially cancer imbalances. As a skilled, experienced, and passionate energetic practitioner, my skills in facilitating energy healing sessions have mainly focused on imbalances such as cell mutation (cancer), hormone, autoimmune disorders, thyroid, bone, abdominal, addiction, post-and pre-surgery healing, psychotherapy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and PTSD. And yes, I also greatly assist in the process of material manifestation! After all, Quantum and Pranic Healing are both purely focused practices on manifestation whether it be material or physical.

Quantum Healist as an Educator

Quantum Healist is also a transformative self-care program that allows you to truly gain the skills to easily and rapidly heal every aspect of your health and life yourself. This way, you will be able to bring lasting balance and build resilience to any changes brought on your path. These changes brought can be anything from physical health to emotional, mental, social, economical, and/or professional health. Therefore, Quantum Healist therapeutic techniques are uniquely designed to be simple, easily applicable, and yet very effective. Such therapeutic techniques used in Quantum Healing process are an integration of: Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Modern Psychology, and Energetic holistic healing methods. Let me elaborate extensively…

Quantum Healist’s self-care program was born when I realized that majority of my clients, family, friends, leaders, bosses, CEO’s, parents had a difficult time maintaining a healthy balanced life-style. Even though every one of us knew (and know) how important self-care was, how to do it, how to get help, how to attain it, we still had such a difficult time attaining it. It didn’t take very long to realize the truth! The imbalance wasn’t occurring so much as result of ignorance or resistance or procrastination or laziness; the imbalance was as result of (A) self-care methods being too long and time-consuming… and most of us are not blessed with a generous schedule. (B) Most common simple and short self-care methods gave incremental results and took a very long time before many overcame their specific challenges…and so, they gave up too early! (C) The practice of SELF-DISCIPLINE was also impossible because most of us don’t even know how to build resilience and discipline. And so, I devoted my entire time and focus to researching, studying, and practicing the most powerful self-healing, self-disciplining, and self-reprogramming methods offered in the world today! At the completion of my ‘educated’ journey, I designed a specific and unique integrated methods that give the most effective healing benefits in the least amount of time possible. Simultaneously, the process also teaches the simple ways to build discipline and make living a blissful, joyful, and prosperous life possible even for the busiest little bee out there!