Hello and Welcome!

My name is Sediqa Schuyler and I am pretty sure that we’ll make really good friends soon! I am a Quantum Reprogramming-Rewiring as well as an Energetic practitioner! These fancy words translate into: I apply holistic and natural therapeutic techniques integrating Psychology, Quantum physics/theory, and Energy Healing (Prana/Qi/Life Force/Mindfulness).

My passion is to assist you on your path to lasting, easy, and exceptionally effective self-care! I teach simple ways to activate your body’s natural abilities to heal itself emotionally, mentally, physically! Most importantly, I believe that self-nurture does not need to be time-consuming and tedious work, especially in our fast-paced culture… We have forgotten due to “societal transitions” that every human being is wired with natural abilities to self-heal, to auto reset-rewire-regenerate-reprogram our human systems with even just a few minutes per day! And what do you know, science today actually admits and backs these self-healing abilities as facts with some pretty darn good studies, data, and proof! And with ALL this data now being backed by thousands of respected scientists and physicists worldwide…I can freely and confidently declare my LOVE of ENERGY work and share its benefits with the world! My work is not a career, it is a vital part of who I am and how I practice my life fully with joy, peace, and fulfilment. 

On a serious note though… I have come to witness that every single human being on this earth is in dire need of building resilience and of course, balance. On top of all other existing responsibilities, you are now required to work harder, be READY to be the teacher, to be the babysitter, be the friend, the psychologist, be the coach…the list goes on!  I mean really! With these ever-changing societal systems, today more than ever, it is a necessity to learn to rapidly adapt, adjust, and find balance in all areas of your life! Self-care may have seemed as an “optional” priority on your to-do list before and by now you may have realized that it well deserves to be on the top priority as “non-negotiable”!

And again, self-care does not need to be a complicated and painful process! You just need to learn how to use the right tools that make it simple, fast, easy, and fun to do! And that is where I come in!

I thank you for your valuable time and I look forward to connecting with you!