Horse Therapy

With the Quantum Healist.

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Behavioral challenges of horses can lead to numerous health conditions as well as influence their sports performance. Determining the underlying causes of misbehavior or injury, most often requires an in‐depth time consuming history and clinical assessment. However, with medicinal energetic healing sessions, the process of healing of all possible causes of misbehavior or physical injury can easily and effectively be resolved with profound results.  Equestrian (Jockey) can also benefit from our animal therapy with the use of mediumship and clinical hypnotherapeutic techniques delivered to the equestrian or the horse in elevating their status in race and even winning the race!

Our past healing services rendered to animals including horses were:









New environment and/or change of ownership




Stress, Anger, and Anxiety


Skin disorders


Sports performance


Escalating Productivity/Fitness performance






Behavioral shifts


Mental, emotional, and physical trauma


Horseman/Horsewoman and Horse Relationship


Past-Life/Karmic Release


Pre and Post - surgical accelerated healing


Regenerating the immune system


Stimulate accelerated cellular repair


Peaceful and calming transition to the Divine