I was blown away by Sediqa Amed-Schuyler.  She is an extraordinary healer, in my opinion one of the best this country has seen.  I was a bit skeptic in the beginning for I have seen many healers for a long time.  However, in just a few sessions with Sediqa, I have been able to reach an entirely new and elevated level previously unable for several years.   In under 20 days, I was able to manifest three out of four of my goals in need. Sediqa gave me tools to be able to care for myself.  She is attentive and able to give you whatever the needs may be.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone that is truly looking to step into the best version of themselves and have more abundance in all areas in life.

Aly Michaels

Aly Michaels Results Coaching, AlyMichaels.com

Sediqa is a wonderfully-gifted healer with a passion for making people well and whole. In two sessions (so far), she has healed the knee pain I’ve had for years in an inoperable knee injury and provided me a greater sense of balance throughout my body. Sediqa also has a darling personality and immediately puts you at ease. I wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Sarah Horn

Professional Singer, Sarah Horn Music

Our bodies & spirits are charged with processing, refining & reflecting our energy & life force out into the world so that we can each uniquely contribute and create our lives.  Sediqa has an exceptional ability to detect and clear blockages which accumulate as we have our lifetime experiences in ways that effectively release unnecessary emotional and/or physical burden on our vital systems, freeing us to move forward more clearly, openly & fully into manifesting our potent destiny.

Much as we maintain the interior and exterior of our homes & vehicles for maximum longevity, we need to maintain our personal vessel, from the inside out.  Sediqa facilitates this process expertly!

Cheers to our vital, vibrant well-being J

Carey Gorgolinski

VP West Bay Operations, Lawyers Title Bay Area

Upon meeting Sediqa I was immediately drawn to her positive energy. This was before I came to know she was an energy healer.

During my healing session I felt relaxed, safe and comfortable.

There was one unusual moment when I heard a distinct scream in what was an otherwise soothing audio. It transpired that there was no such scream in the recording and at the time of hearing it, Sediqa was working on a very dark blockage.

Aside from her healing capabilities, Sediqa has another gift – she appears to be able to foresee the future  and was able to disclose things about me in the present that I had not told her. This in itself was fascinating.

Overall, a great experience!

Rakhi Pandya

Guiding Survivors of Domestic Abuse to Overcome Their Past, Bliss House Foundation

I received the most amazing healing from Sediqa, whose radiant heart, compassion and caring illuminates her whole being and radiates from her eyes.  Adeptly she worked on every area of my being, her inner sight crystal clear.  I was impressed as I witnessed so much clearing so fast.  I came out feeling so expanded in my Self, back to my Inner Radiance and this after I had emerged out of a very challenging state.  In minutes with Sediqa, I was restored and all of what had so recently taken place seemed so far behind me.  It was miraculous and very fun!  It is not often you find such a skilled healer.  I highly recommend her work.  It made such a huge difference for me.

Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD

Executive Director Founder, The Aurora Trust 7 Vehicle Global Healing Mission

With a single session with Sediqa, I was able to gain clarity, confidence, and direction. During our session, I found my soul levitated and surrounded by Angels.  An immense wave of calmness and love overcame… I suddenly understood and knew all that is and will be.  I have had many experiences with many different types of healers throughout my life… However, Sediqa has awakened my Self and path to my inner truth, an empowering experience I have never before believed possible.  Sediqa explained everything after our session and gifted me tools to overcome obstacles in the future. She is meticulously skilled and truly gifted!

Sonatta Camara

Camara & Company Certified Coach at John Maxwell Team , Real Estate Broker at Camara&Company