There are just about thousands of different types of holistic and natural healing methods easily available to you.  What many forget is that, it truly makes a great difference who your practitioner/healer is and how effective the healing techniques used by the healer are according to your responding energy.

Many energetic practitioners and spiritual teachers offer a healing session customized only to what the client asks for specifically and perceives as necessary for her/himself. For instance, the client may feel the need for a healing of an abdominal ulcer and pain.  The Practitioner/Healer in return will perform a healing session specific to physical pain and ulcer in the abdomen.  In such case, underlying causes of such disease being emotional, mental, and nutritional were ignored by the practitioner/healer; hence, the client will temporarily feel better physically due to having had only single aspect of the challenge treated rather than in its entirety.

The type of energy used and how it is delivered is the most crucial part in it being effective during a healing session.  If the healing practitioner is using only the energies of the environment rather than a combination of all energies available to us, then the effects of the healing session may be minimal. Also, in order to have a powerful experience, the negative energies on the surface of the body will have to be cleared and released before performing any type of healing session. Unfortunately, many healing practitioners do not allocate such time before performing a healing session.

So…what makes my approach effective and powerful?

I apply all components of healing necessary in order for an effective and powerful session to take place. Such components are emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.  I make sure that negative as well as suppressing energies, entities, and elements of the body are released before performing a healing session.

My healing techniques are founded on the principles that: (1) Body is a powerful self-healing living entity that has the ability to repair itself using readily available life-energy such as the sun, air, earth, and Universal. (2) Every individual can successfully heal all areas of life by re-wiring the brain with simple changes made in our psychology. Creating and sustaining functional healthy habits of exercising our mind and body will guarantee ultimate positive outcomes/results in all areas of our lives.

I firmly believe that science and spirituality are interconnected. Using simple neuroscience integrated with psychology, combined with energetic healing techniques such as Pranic Healing, I am able to instruct as well as coach individuals ways of unblocking all obstacles preventing one’s potential and path to self-realization, healing, evolving, awakening, love, connection, and ultimate fulfillment.

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