Our minds are very powerful. It is in our minds that we create our reality.  Our minds take our words, thoughts, feelings, and creates our reality.  Our minds and the universe are in constant communication.  We speak to our environment with our words, thoughts, and feelings; our environment/universe, then speaks to us with events! The universe does not judge your thoughts, feelings, and words; it simply matches the vibrations exerted by you and create a matching experience. Hence, our environment is a response to our state of mind as well as heart.

What you think directly influences how you feel and behave: if you think that you are a failure, you will indeed feel like a failure.  Then, you’ll act like a failure, which reinforces your belief that you must be a failure. In other words, once you draw a conclusion about yourself, you’re likely to look for evidence that reinforces your belief and discount anything that runs contrary to your belief.  With enough practice since childhood, we have become our consistent thoughts, feelings, words, memories, and beliefs.  And all such experiences and habits get stored into the subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is a stubborn bitch! Our subconscious mind stores all of our previous life experiences, beliefs, memories, skills.  It is responsible for involuntary actions, such as breathing and heart beats.  All of our emotions are also controlled by the subconscious mind. In simple terms, our subconscious stores all of our habits.  Conscious mind on the other hand, is responsible for logic and reasoning.  It also controls all the actions that are taken intentionally while being conscious/alert.

Our belief system stored in subconscious mind must be aligned with logic and reasoning of the conscious mind in order to create a positive experience and change in our state of being.  The subconscious mind naturally filters out the beliefs that do not match the belief system stored inside of it since infancy, UNLESS the conscious mind LOGICALLY accepts a certain belief. As a result, in order to create a positive experience, we would have to become AWARE of our use of language, thoughts, and emotions.  And the most powerful, easiest, and productive way to break into the subconscious mind is by practicing meditation. Over the years, with the help of neuroscience and especially spiritual leaders of the world, we’ve been taught the most powerful techniques of meditation in order to achieve our most desired goals in life: success in love and career! Quantum Meditations, very similar to Pranic Healing meditations or medicinal energetic meditation, achieve again, both goals ultimately every soul on earth has: to have a purpose and succeed at it.